Palm Tree Fertilizer

Palm Tree Fertilizer

Many nature lovers and individuals that crave an aesthetic and tropical feel to their homes, workplaces etcetera are quite fond of the exquisitely elegant palm trees. These tall, magnificent trees can certainly give your yards a breathtakingly beautiful look along with providing you with some extra bit of freshly oxygenated air. With the amount of trees decreasing and the quality of fresh air deteriorating as time is passing by, people are realizing their importance and planting trees to play their part. Palm trees are an attractive option nowadays as they serve all the right purposes. 


Palm Tree Fertilizer: Growing a palm tree is not as simple as growing any other type of tree; the palm grower will be required to extend sufficient care and attention throughout. Effort, commitment and the right accessories (fertilizers etcetera) need to be a part of the palm-growing and tending journey. The seedling or the baby palm plant initially grows in a nursery pot and is then suitable to be transferred and planted into the ground, wherever you like. However, they should not be planted too close to any buildings as their roots, which will grow extensively, may tamper with the adjacent building’s foundation.  Care must be taken about the specie being planted regarding their maximum heights, their light and water requirements as these are likely to differ from specie to specie. Most palms favor adequate amounts of sunshine while others grow well under shade. These trees require a somewhat constant yet minimal water supply which can be provided well through a bubble or drip supply. 

Perhaps, out of all the factors that affect a palm tree and its health, the most important one is the soil that the tree grows in. The soil is its major, in fact, only source of nutrition. It is quite common to spot palms in beach-y, tropical locations where the sand serves as ‘soil’ for these beauties. Sand inherently does not possess the nutrients required to support the growth and sustain the health of a majestic palm tree. In addition, the normal soil available also does not suffice for the nutritional needs as much of the naturally existing nutrients and minerals are washed away due to rain or other heavy water flow. 

Fertilizing A Palm Tree

Nutrients and minerals that are the most crucial for your palms’ healthy growth include: potassium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorous and other micronutrients. Deficiencies can lead up to your palm weakening internally and externally as well, depriving you of the tropical feel you had been expecting. A manganese deficient palm will display yellow foliage and withered new shoots. A potassium deficient palm will showcase yellow or orange spots covering all of the foliage. Magnesium deficiencies are the most common ones and result in yellowish and orange-ish older foliage with slim chances of the newer ones growing out greener. All these external and apparel related problems can lead to underlying and grave issues for your palm. If left untreated, these deficiencies can cause your tree to go through gradual defoliation and ultimately, a slow death. 

For this reason, it is highly advised and recommended to use palm tree fertilizers to boost up the nutrient content in your soil. Normal fertilizers watered into the roots of palm trees lose their effectiveness as soaking up nutrients can take the roots quite some time. This time is limited as watered fertilizers are prone to be washed away quicker. To deal with this issue, specially designed and formulated release palm tree fertilizers have been introduced specifically for palms which come as spikes, pellets or granules and provide your palms with all the necessary nutrients they require to grow and stay healthy. These fertilizers are often used to treat a palm annually, thrice or more times, depending on the size and growing conditions. When planning on growing a palm tree in your backyard or elsewhere, make sure that you have chosen the appropriate palm tree fertilizer, suitable for your palm specie and the soil you intend to use. 

Now that we’ve discussed all general details regarding palm trees, we will be introducing you to a very effective and efficient palm tree fertilizer out there in the market. 

Jobe’s Palm Tree Spikes 10-5-10

The company is committed to assisting you in sustaining and maintaining healthy and happy plants. 

The company claims, quite particularly, that their specially designed spikes are specific palm tree fertilizers* and feed your trees right at the base-the roots-where the palm needs that rich source of nutrients the most. Ingredients that have been carefully selected and included actively in these spikes include: Potash, Nitrogen, Phosphate, Calcium, Sulfur and Magnesium-all of which are crucial for your beautiful palm’s well-being. 

The spikes are crafted skillfully to make using them convenient and easy for you. You will simply just be required to insert the entire pre-measured spikes into your plant’s soil, targeting your tree’s drip-line, and wait for the special formula to get to work. These spikes, unlike the others out there, don’t wash away with water or lose their nutritious content but instead keep the supply continuous and consistent all season, thanks to their slow release technique. The Jobe’s Palm Spikes also do not give off any unpleasant odors, are hazard-free and treatments using these spikes do not create a mess in your backyard. 

The palm tree fertilizer spikes manufactured by Jobe’s are ideal for treating your majestic outdoor palm trees and come in packs of 5 thick fertilizer spikes. 

Another pack of thinner, 30 spikes comes under the name ‘Jobe’s Fern and Palm Plant Food’, which are ideal for treating smaller, container grown and indoor palm plants. The company suggests users to treat their palm pants/trees with these spikes at least twice a year, between the months of March & October. 

Both of these are formulated and manufactured carefully and skillfully by Jobe’s for you and your happy, healthy plants! 

About the Company

The Jobe’s manufactures, Easy Gardeners, produces and distributes more than 200 high quality products to some of the top garden and lawn retailers in Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. Their products, especially their palm tree fertilizer range, are known in these regions and others beyond them to be top-notch and consistent in their delivery and quality. Their Fertilizer Spikes (first introduced on Amazon in 2005), which are made specifically for your special palm trees by experts and professionals, carry out the treatment process underground and eliminate the risk of being washed away completely. This is the primary and unique feature offered and advertised by the company.