Nearly Natural Palm Trees

Nearly Natural Palm Trees

Nearly Natural Palm Trees are available in the market, online and in retail outlets, in large varieties. These trees come in different sizes, shapes, prices, specifications etcetera and allow the customer to buy just what suits them. Not only are these substitutes for natural palms handy and portable, but they’re increasingly popular for the durability they offer and the no-maintenance feature that comes by default with them. No-maintenance means that the fake palm tree user isn’t required to do all that a natural palm tree tender is required to do; watering, treating with pesticides/insecticides, trimming, cleaning etcetera. Observing the need for such trees in the consumer market, many brands have risen up with the aim of making and selling these artificial trees around the globe for a long time now.


One of these brand companies is Nearly Natural, which was set up back in 2002-the company’s experience dates back more than 75 years-by Robbie Singer with the aim of designing, assembling, importing, selling nearly natural trees, flowers and plants to e-commerce retailers and making nature proud. The Nearly Natural Palm Trees manufactured by the company replicate 12 of some very unique species present in the world. 

This platform is well renowned in the fake palm tree market as it offers some of the most exquisite and tropical palms that make passerby’s and customers go ‘wow, these trees look quite real, they’re Nearly Natural. 

Let’s take a look at a list (in no particular order) of some of the best-selling palm trees manufactured and sold by the company. 

  • Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree
  • Areca Palm UV Resistant 
  • Paradise Palm
  • Traveler’s Palm Tree
  • Phoenix Palm Tree 
  • Areca Palm Tree (Real Touch) 

General Features 

Life-like foliage

The arrangements of almost all of their Palm trees are crafted skillfully using synthetic, high quality materials that give the trees their ‘natural’ appearance. palm tree fertilizer, A large number of palm fronds coupled with brightly colored beautiful leaves further add on to its realistic feel. 


The trunks and stalks of Nearly Natural palms are textured in a way to make them feel too real when touched, let alone observing the trunk from afar. Each stalk is surrounded with moss, especially at the bottom, which serves as the appropriate finishing touch for the trees’ tropical vibe. 

Nursery pots

All of the trees sold by the company come with a basic, plain, green shaded nursery pot. Some may even come with brightly colored and beautifully decorated vases and planters made of different materials-wood etcetera. The users can easily set up their trees in the basic pots and once assembled, the pot can be placed directly in another decorative container of your choice or fixed elsewhere. 


The colors used and painted onto these trees are specifically mixed and developed to provide the observer/customer with their own natural, tropical experience. From the leaves to the length of the stalks/trunks to the base of theNearly Natural Palm Trees; everything shows off perfectly combined hues. 


As pioneers of the fake plant/tree/flower industry, the designs offered by the company are 100% original and innovative. What further sets the company apart in the crowd is their designing team that works tirelessly, coming up with newer and more aesthetically pleasing designs for their global market. The team visits parts of the globe annually to study plant species and the materials that would enable their man-made trees to do nature the justice it deserves. 


The height of these trees ranges up to a maximum of 8 feet. Extensive variations in sizes make this platform a suitable source for all customers-those looking to decorate their houses, offices, yards, gardens etcetera. Nearly Natural has it all, for all! 


The price structure of the company varies greatly, depending on the product’s size and making obviously. It can range from as low as $89 to as high as $700. Feedback from customers has shown positivity about the durability of Nearly Natural’s palm trees. Majority of the customer responses reviewed also display satisfaction regarding them receiving their money’s worth.