Fake Palm Trees, Fake Palm Trees for Sale

Fake Palm Trees

Palm trees are known to be one of the earliest plant species to have been discovered. They also hold religious importance for Christians who, in millions of numbers, celebrate ‘Palm Sunday’ around the world, carrying crucifixes made of palm leaves as well as other holy Christian symbols. Fully grown beautiful Palm trees have quite a long lifespan and showcase fertility and abundance because of the time and energy invested in them over the years; reaching their maturity stage takes them a long time. Their tall, sturdy trunks, which bear rings around them, contribute to their singular-appearance and make spotting them easier for viewers. 

As much as one might like having one or more of these beautiful Palm trees at their offices or houses, it just isn’t that easy because of the long waiting period and lack of optimum climatic conditions required for these trees to sprout. To counter this drawback and provide people with an appropriate alternative, creative manufacturers and designers came up with kits o fake palm trees. This invention eliminates plant-tending routines and efforts from your schedule-pest control, watering, cutting, cleaning- and just lets you sit back and order some of the most beautiful fake palms. These kits include all the necessary small and large materials-nuts, bolts, leaves, stems, etcetera-required to set up one’s own natural-looking yet customized fake palm trees. Artificial palm tree varieties are available in almost every shape, size and even different colors for those who are not looking for an all-natural vibe. You can use them for outside. The trunk’s and leaf’s size variations allow customers to pick the options best suited to their home/office/backyard/store needs. 


We chose for you! Decorative Fake palm trees for sale:

5289 Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree

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This artificial tree stands 6.5′ tall and is designed to give you a natural feeling, to make you feel like you’re on vacation. The green tree sports almost a completely organic look with the color combinations, textured trunks and silk foliage. 

The base of the plant’s stalks is surrounded by mild ‘moss’, giving the overall plant some realistic touches. The silk arrangements used are synthetically manufactured and placed delicately and carefully to give the tree an even more realistic, life-like tropical appearance. 

It doesn’t require any maintenance but may need re-shaping or re-designing to give the plain green nursery pot it initially comes with an attractive look. This product is recommended to be used indoors or in covered outdoor venues. 

5259 Paradise Artificial Palm Tree

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The manufacture produces this tree in a total of five different sizes, ranging from 3 foot to 7 ft tall palm trees. This extensive size variation allows you to create your own tropical space anywhere you like; 5ft and smaller palms to give your household’s living area a tropical vibe, 6ft trees to decorate different vacant spaces in your offices or 7ft massive palms to create your own lush ‘jungle’ in your backyard or gardens. 

The leaves are synthetically manufactured and are styled to give off a feathery look. The life-like foliage also gives the plant a beautiful, realistic look. The ends of the palms’ stalks are surrounded with mild ‘moss’ to give the overall plant some more realistic touches. 

No maintenance is required but it may need some re-shaping or re-designing to give the plain green nursery pot it initially arrives with an attractive look. 

This product is recommended to be used indoors or in covered outdoor venues. 

5263-03 Areca Palm Decorative Silk Tree 

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This lush, tropical palm’s thin, wispy and abundant leaves allow the plant to give off a truly lush vibe. 

Thirty two bright green fronds team up with the extremely natural-looking stems to contribute to this tree’s lushness. 

It comes with a wood wicker planter with the dimensions 10″ (width) x 9″ (height), with the tree standing 56″ tall. The planter serves as a strong base for the stalks which are surrounded by grass to give it a suitable finishing touch. 

This plant is perfect for use all year, is suitable to be placed in homes or offices and doesn’t require any maintenance. 

5033 Sago Palm Double Potted Silk Tree

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This silk tree is simply too gorgeous to look at. A 4ft and a 6ft Sago Palm stalks stand tall and firm in its pot. A brown basket, which is 10 inches tall, serves as the pot for this magnificent tree. Eighty deep green synthetic leaves add to its beauty and lushness. The trunks also display organic textures, browning at some spots to add to its ‘natural’ features. 

The tree is perfectly suitable to be displayed as an accent piece in any household. 

5043 Sago Silk Decorative Palm Tree 

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This tree looks so natural that it may even tempt you to water your plant. It stands 4ft tall and has been manufactured to include all the necessary details that give it its realistic feel. Gorgeous, dark to olive green leaves are showcased atop its spiny trunk that rests inside a wicker basket. 

Best suited indoors, it does not require any maintenance and serves as an exquisite complement to numerous décor styles at homes or offices. 

Arcadia Silk Plantation 

Phoenix Palm Tree 

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This plant stands 6ft tall and has had fairly good reviews from buyers and users; 4 out of 5 stars, and is best recommended to be placed indoors. 

It comes in a green color and is entirely manufactured using synthetic materials. The use of these materials gives this plant a sort of a natural look and a silky feel to its leaves. It also comes with a rectangular stylish plastic pot which may attract many out there. 


LED Palm Tree

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This palm tree does not fail at giving you a Hawaii experience and the cheerfulness that comes with it. It comes with 56 LED lights and 32 mini LED lights attached to a string that can be circled around your trunk or hung loosely from the top of the stems. The system is quite easy to set up and the lighting is consistent and bright, with the ability to stay lit for up to 30,000 hours. The base of the tree stands firm and stable, thanks to the iron stand and its 4 ground stakes. The leaves of the tree are made using delicate, soft green fabric and the curved trunk sports a natural shade of brown.

This Decorative tree is perfect for parties, pools, occasions-Christmas Eve-and suitable to be displayed at other leisurely venues that require extensive decorations.

Nearly Natural Palm Trees 

The structure of common fake Decorative palm trees compromises of the trunk’s bottom robustly fixed into a plane base, serving as the central support system for the entire tree. Various materials can be used in the manufacturing of these trees: fiberglass, steel, plastic, canvas and even preserved palms to give a more natural look to your fake palm tree for sale. The artificial trunks can be dug and fixed into the ground or into a pot, based on their material and its durability. Potting them allows you to transfer the pots into stylish and decorated containers, preparing your palm trees for the display you require. 

The price of fake palm trees ranges from as low as $50 to as high as a $1000 or maybe even more. You can find fake palm trees cheap and expensive. It all really depends greatly on the quality, durability and the species of the product you are buying-fake palms have various species just as the real, tropical ones. You may even be able to get your hands on some used, but well-maintained fake palms in the market from sellers through online buying platforms such as Amazon. 

Now that we have introduced you to the concept of fake palm trees, their existence and the ease with which you can buy one of these, let us take a look at some ‘real’ fake palm trees we have hand-picked for you from the market.