Fake Palm Trees For Pool Area

Our artificial palms from 3 to 25 m can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our palm trees are presented with real palm leaves or artificial palm leaves that are affected by a real palm trunk. Our artificial palm trees are used in many hotels, shopping centers, business centers and social areas. Artificial palms with shaken leaves are more suitable for indoor use. The use of an artificial palm tree with exposed artificial leaves provides a longer lasting solution. Our artificial palm trees are available in shock palm or plastic palm leaves. Our product range consists of artificial palm tree, shock palm tree, grass fence, grass wall, artificial grass, artificial flower, artificial tree, artificial boxwood, artificial ivy, boxwood, bamboo and fake palm trees for pool area.

Fake Palm Trees For Pool Area

Artificial palm tree; This is the name given to trees that are produced and sold by many companies for decorative purposes, designed and produced together with botanical experts, and produced entirely by processing artificial materials. Artificial trees generally arise as a result of a combination of plastic and derived materials corresponding to different tree species and finally connected to an artificial soil pot. If you wish, you can use artificial trees to decorate the interior. It does not require any maintenance, just like all furniture in your home you need to clean it at a certain time. In this context, artificial trees make a great contribution both to decorating the house and to eliminate the longing for trees for people who want to see green but do not grow.

Artificial Tree Models

Artificial trees are produced as an imitation of almost all trees in nature. In this respect, when choosing artificial wood models, you will come across many options. With the development of technology and increasing demand in recent years, manufacturers of artificial wood; In addition to small artificial tree models and large tree models, an artificial fruit tree, an artificial flowering tree and an artificial bonsai were added. In addition, some of the artificial trees are sold in the form of pots and some are offered to consumers in the form of fake palm trees for pool area without pots. This is because; It allows people with pots at home or tired of an old artificial tree to easily replace two artificial trees. Likewise, artificial plants that can be hung on a wall or door, such as ivy, are shown among the models of artificial trees. Because of this diversity; This allows you to create a different atmosphere for your home, office or outdoor using artificial trees and artificial plants.

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Considerations When Buying Artificial Tree

Before buying artificial trees; Remember that artificial trees are produced in different sizes and types. Where to use your tree, the height and width of the place you decorate is extremely important. It is also important to check the material made of artificial wood and the paint used, if any, and whether you or other people in your home are allergic to it. When purchasing artificial trees, the current design of the place where you will use the tree is also very important. You must choose the trees that will suit your taste and not overwhelm the architectural details of your home. Some of the artificial trees do not contain potted or artificial soil. Before purchasing the product in the product information area, you can find out if there is a flower pot with fake palm trees for pool area



Buy Artificial Wood

Today; First, due to the intense speed of work and the endless chaos of urban life, the time that children, men and women devote to nature, animals and people around them is decreasing. If you cannot break yourself from your love of green like many people, if you want to find peace in your home by seeing the plants that accompany you in the morning, or if you want the trees to contribute to your decoration, you cannot even take time to water your tree due to the intensive work and education speed; Artificial wood will be carved for you. 

Artificial Palm Tree

It is produced by coating artificial palm leaves and real palm and fiber shell on a metal or plastic body. Artificial palm leaves provide a longer lasting solution, especially for outdoor use.

Shopping center, business center, hotels, airports, swimming pools, conference centers, water parks, country gardens, swimming pools, offices, residences, hospitals, stage decorations; Shock palm trees are used in camouflage antennas, columns and pillars, gardens and all kinds of business decoration.

The palm tree is an exotic and impressive tree with a tropical climate, a tree that can only live in a warm climate. The appearance of products made from the true leaves and shells of a palm plant is the same as that of a fake palm trees for pool area. We can produce any size from 2 to 25 meters for indoor or outdoor use.

Why Artificial Palm Trees Are Preferred?

Palma is a symbol of tropical elegance and idyllic entertainment. Palm trees, crystal blue oceans or orange sunsets on white sandy beaches all over the world are a perfect holiday. The architects or designers of leading hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, cruise ships and shopping centers around the world use the wonderful beauty of palm trees to convey the tropical serenity created by this tree. However, palm trees living in flawed areas can face many problems for commercial real estate, often leading to high maintenance costs.

We then process these natural wood components with our special protection process until we are ready to turn into incredible natural accents, foundations and shows. Our artificial trees made from spherical sourced forms of real tree species are developed and produced not only botanically but also for a long time. 

Product History

The artificial palm manages to achieve a heavy and full structure of 165 meters high, and the stucco fills with bright flower pots to facilitate your work while decorating large areas.

Gypsum was covered with sticky stones. In transport and movement situations, the stones are attached to each other with an invisible and non-shiny adhesive to prevent them from falling.

Part of the tree is made of natural stumps and is surrounded by a natural structure with coconuts. Palm trees in squares and offices are more preferred Semi-artificial and natural; Made of 1st class plastic with marble coating. You can use it with the peace of loved ones.

TWO 6 ‘Phoenix Coconut Artificial Tropical Palm Trees Without Pot

Each size is approximately: 70 “H x 36” W (height is measured from the bottom of the pans to the top of the highest outer edges, with the edges facing upwards). The pot is NOT included, it is a bare rooted vessel. Basic assembly and shaping is required. Internal display only.

Partly used to maintain shape, the steel wire makes it easy to bend or shape your taste. The tree is usually 6 inches shorter after it is created. You can also add filler under the plant in a decorative pot as a base for the base, which will increase the overall height. For all returns, the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs (shipping and return shipping).

8 ‘Phoenix Palm (2 pieces)

This list is for 1 package. You will receive 2 items per package. 1 element is displayed. For facilities. Approximate Height 8 ‘ Container not included For all returns, the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs (shipping and return shipping).

This fake palm trees for pool area is amazing. Tall, handsome, convincing to look real. Spectacular. However, the smell of these trees was very strong. It smelled toxic. I had to return them for internal use. Outdoors, they’ll be fine. Arrived fast, well packed. Sending them back was expensive and was not covered by Amazon. Pay attention to odor when used indoors. Great price for two, but the smell of plastic was outrageous.